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Abundance Life League

We Inspire to Achieve

ALL is the source for betterment, focused on your Mind, Body & Wealth Balance.

Learn how to be productive and efficient in every aspect of life with the #1 guided Journal for complete Balance.


5 - 10 mins of Daily Journaling

The simplest thing you can do to start your day happier.

The physical act of daily journal writing impacts physical brain activity and function across a multitude of powerful dimensions.

Proven scientific evidence, quantitative proof and professional experts confirming that guided Journaling is the most effective proven strategy for rapid and ongoing personal growth.


Why do so many people struggle to live a balanced life?

ALL is introducing the solution for lasting Balance and
its key factors to live an abundant life.

Mind, Body & Wealth Alignment

We believe in the importance of Mind, Body & Wealth alignment. The three main factors that determine everyone’s well being in life. Only through a balanced combination of all three are we able to experience life in fulfillment and abundance.

Journaling for Better Health

Health benefits

  • Effectively manage stress
  • Reduce depression & anxiety
  • Boost several immune functions
  • Recover from trauma & psychiatric conditions
  • Strengthen memory function
  • Enjoy better sleep quality

Mind Benefits

  • Increase focus & productivity
  • Cultivate gratitude & boost self-confidence
  • Recognize / prioritize triggers, fears & concerns
  • Increase communication skills
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Improve self-awareness & mindfulness
  • Strengthen discipline & willpower


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"It's been life changing. I went through a full Mind, Body and Wealth transformation in only 90 days."

- Severine Keimig

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"You don't feel it at first, but journaling is amazing and at the end simply life changing."

- Barbara Mascia

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"Since I started this journal I've been so much more motivated to accomplish goals and particularly because I love the idea of rewarding myself at the end of the month because when I know I've achieved those goals."

- Lena Nikolaj

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"If you're looking for some organization or some structure in your life - this is the best tool."

- Anya Cole

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"It is a tool that helps you to track yourself everyday. And eventually helps you to improve your Mind, Body and Wealth."

- Amber Wang

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"This Journal forces me to reflect every week. I look back and see what went well, what can I improve."

- Laura Scharnagl

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"I find myself to be a very digital person, making notes on my phone; but the amount of alignment, balance and clarity that I get by writing everything down in my journal is beyond words! "


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"Thanks to my Mind, Body and Wealth Journal, I can now prioritize my goals and reaffirm positive thinking to help keep me focused and inspired."

- @oliviasworld

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"Journaling helps me show up as my better self to better serve my clients and community."

- Tina Le

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"My morning routines are now elevated with @abundancelifeleague. It helps me manage my tasks better and helps me balance myself."


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