1. What is it?


Affirmations are short but very powerful positive statements in present tense, which allow you to be consciously in control of your thought. Affirmations need to be carefully constructed to have the most impact. Saying or thinking those short statements will shape your thoughts and shape your reality.  

Research shows that 80% of our daily 50.000 subconscious thoughts are negative. That is a lot of negativity! Affirmations help you become aware of your own negative habit and will control the negative unconscious thoughts and turn them into a positive inner voice. 


2. The power/benefits of this daily habit?


There are endless positive benefits from affirmations. They have helped an amazing amount of people around the world to achieve great things, but most importantly they can help YOU to make positive changes in your life. 

Affirmations have the power to motivate you to act on certain things in the right way, help you achieving your goals in life, give you the strength to change your negative thinking patterns, guide you to develop a new belief system and above all affirmations can reaffirm the positivity back into your life which will help you to increase your self-confidence.  


3. Why is it important for your balance?


Affirmations are essential for your neural pathways to be lit up and make changes to the areas of your brain that make you happy and positive. Studies confirm that affirmations decrease your health-deteriorating stress, increase peoples motivation to exercise, help you to eat healthier and achieve more academically. Knowing that affirmations not only benefit positively your mind but also your body and your wealth. 


4. How can I integrate it into my daily life?


3 - 5 minutes a day is a good startTake your Mind, Body & Wealth Journal every morning before you get up and write down affirmations for your Mind, Body & Wealth, that come to your mind and repeat them to yourself right before you go to bed. Repeat each affirmation about 10 times. If you have trouble coming up with positive affirmations ask our team for support and we are happy to assist and guide you through the process. Best would be to make your affirmation routine consistent while being patient with yourself. 


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Severine Keimig
What means WEALTH? mind

What means WEALTH?

Severine Keimig
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What means WEALTH?

Severine Keimig