Daily Task Prioritization


1. What is it?


The process of prioritization typically involves creating an agenda, evaluating tasks and also allocating time and work to get the most value in a short amount of time. This whole process needs to have some sort of flexibility, as there may be some interruptions from last minute high-priorities must-dos. 


2. The power/benefits of this daily habit?


Prioritizing your tasks for the day, week or month helps you to focus on each with the highest attention. Hence, the quality of your work improves. There are many more benefits that come from daily task prioritization, for example:

  • reduces stress and increases productivity
  • helps you create room to check your errors
  • gives you more time to relax
  • helps you avoid procrastination
  • keeps you motivated
  • helps get more done in less time
  • improves time management


3. Why is it important for your balance?

On a daily basis, prioritizing will not only make you more efficient at work-related activities, but also give you the freedom to focus on your personal life and goals. This will definitely help you to strike the right balance between both, professional and personal life. 

4. How can I integrate it into my daily life?


We collected tips for you to effectively prioritize your daily tasks:

  • use your Mind, Body & Wealth Journal to define your priorities for the day
  • check all your tasks in your Mind, Body & Wealth Journal, review regularly
  • set yourself realistic deadlines
  • allow time for interruptions of prioritized tasks
  • don't let your inbox drive your workload

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