1. What is it?


Education is not only receiving knowledge from others but also teaching knowledge to yourself. Additionally education refers to the knowledge received through schooling and the institution of teaching as a whole.

Critical thinking will be created through education, which is vital in teaching a person how to use logic when it comes to decision making or interacting with people, your inner voice, at work, while socializing or on social media, but also to enhance your time management, etc. 


2. The power/benefits of this daily habit?


Gaining knowledge does not stop after our graduation days, it extends far beyond and should be a part of your daily routine. Good educations helps to lay the groundwork to feel confident in our abilities and helps us find our passions in life. It teaches us to stay committed and also gives us the ability to solve upcoming problems. 

Only good quality education can be the change we would need for our societies future and our planet. And especially to reach our goals that we try to achieve. 


3. Why is it important for your balance?


Just like a well-balanced diet is essential for our body, we need a well-balanced education to grow cognitively, emotionally and socially to become stronger and more successful. We hear mostly about having a healthy balance in our diet, but we also need to keep in mind to keep a healthy balance with the things that we feed our brains daily with.


4. How can I integrate it into my daily life?


Make learning a habit, ideally daily. Set learning goals for yourself for a period, such as a 1 week, a month or 90 days. Set a daily intention for trying to learn something that day (or week) that will keep you advancing toward your goals. Here are a few more tips that can help you with the daily integration:

  • Do not blame yourself or give up for procrastinating at times
  • Try to understand your studying style better (visual, auditiv, etc..)
  • Don't question your abilities
  • Visualize yourself starting (e. g. with a simple book of your interest)
  • Focus on the task at hand

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