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Séverine Keimig

Growing up in Germany,

I remember sneaking into my dad’s library to read all of his self-help books and study all of his self-improvement programs. Year after year, I studied and practiced hundreds of self-help techniques including neural science and neuro-linguistic programming and kept journaling every since to analyze and perfect all of my methods.

My unceasing passion for understanding how our conscious, especially the subconscious mind interact and science behind developing new mindsets, encouraged me in my ambition to focus conscientiously every day on improving myself in an effective way.

Following my graduation as a nutritionist and b-licensed personal trainer, I adopted a better concept of what it really takes to maintain overall health, but even further what it takes to achieve the sense of alignment within ourselves. The necessary to a balanced lifestyle.

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Journal Break through

In 2017, I had an incredible personal awakening.

I was on a 6-week project on a small primitive island in the South Pacific called Samoa. Isolated on that island, far away from contemporary civilization, I for the first time felt quite isolated and started missing all the comforts I had taken for granted all my life.

As a way to help me cope with the situation, I made a list in my journal of everything I was missing that I didn’t have. Then, right next to it, I wrote down all the things I wished I could have.

I started reflecting fully on my life and visualized all of my dreams and aspirations – I could literally see a picture in my mind of everything I wanted to achieve.

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Not long after that project ended..

I was back at home and pulled out those same journal entries I had written in Samoa. I read over the lists I had written of all the things I had wanted to achieve in my life. Believe it or not, almost everything I had previously written and visualized had come true. Miraculously, I was living the life I had visualized.

That instant was like a spiritual awakening – it forever changed me.

I suddenly understood all the incredible powers of journaling, personal affirmations, positive focus, daily gratitude, and visualization routines. This experience made me realize that journaling really works and with the motivational impact I had on my friends and family to do the same, I felt the urgent need to share this message with the whole world, creating a tool for people to manifest the lives they want. It is what started my path to creating the Abundance Life League.

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Daily journaling gives me inner peace.

I feel happier, more fulfilled, more confident, more balanced, healthier and wealthier than I had ever felt before. Combining all of my knowledge in one single book with creating a journal ‘work-book’ for people to attract abundance into their lives, I found my true passion.

It is what encourages me daily to help others to pause, sit back and reflect in order to find their own passion that comes with fulfillment.

ALL for one & one for ALL.

The Concept of Mind, Body & Wealth

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An increasingly distracting environment

is what today’s culture is facing, in which it can feel overwhelming to not only keep track of our daily tasks but furthermore to take proper care of ourselves - the loving care to keep our mind, body and wealth balance intact. It is not uncommon to feel disconnected from one of those pillars, whereas the other is working on an extreme high. Think about the life/work balance we encounter daily - what can we do if there’s such little time left to spend with our loved ones because all we do is work? On top we have to wisely time manage our social life besides work, relationships, household errands & the most important one in order to feel alignment within ourselves - our daily self-care routines, such as maintaining a healthy diet and fitness, beauty treatments, your personal hobbies, etc..

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Healthy Living

and fitness tracking is an ever rising trend. Today’s advanced technology enables us to keep track of literally everything - from daily movement, our overall health, finances, workout- and diet plans, daily mindfulness or our sleep behavior - the variety of applications to download is unlimited. Most of us end up downloading 5 different apps we are supposed to check in daily. The same situation we encounter with offline products for betterment - we express our daily appreciation in gratitude journals, use another book to track our finances, another one for goal setting or to create vision boards. Using all kinds of different channels online and offline to check in on our daily tasks and progress can feel exhausting, extremely overwhelming and is what's finally preventing us from working efficiently. Therefore our journal combines 'ALL' of the tools for Successful Living in only one book.

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Studies indicate

Most people 
don’t know what they want.

Our journal provides tools for analyzing your current life’s situation and helps you determine your goals and on how to achieve them step by step. It's also known as the '90 day guided Mind, Body & Wealth Transformation'. All of our content is backed with proven science to ensure a successful self-improvement program for you, rather than a journal to simply organize your day.

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self-care for your mind, body & wallet

The 90 Day Guide for Successful Living

Keep track of your daily tasks and self care rituals in an effortless and efficient way. Our guided journal is your daily high-performance and self care organizer in one.

The combination of 'ALL' tools for Successful Living is what sets us apart from other common journals on the market, which mostly focus on one specific matter only.

Our concept is built for you to find and most important to maintain a healthy alignment of the three key pillars, that determine your well-being in life - your Mind, Body & Wealth.


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